1st Annual
Women of Color Health Conference



MCLorry Houston-Burkins

“Fit-To-Be-Fierce” Women of Color Health Conference ~ MC MRS. LORRY HOUSTON-BURKINS is originally from Salt Lake City, UT and currently resides in Greenville, SC with her husband Robert. After graduating from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, she completed an internship with The St. Louis Black Repertory Theatre in St. Louis, MO. Lorry has since been involved in stage, film, and television productions across the country. Some of her credits include: A Raisin in the Sun, The Darker Face of the Earth, Othello, Damn Yankees, Déjà vu, and Paradise. To learn more about Lorry Houston please visit www.lorryhouston.com



TaedraJMorrisAuthorHellIsNotAlwaysHot book
Keynote Speaker ~ Taedra J. Morris, Author “Hell Is Not Always Hot”

We all know that Jesus described hell as a place of eternal torment. The hell Taedra Morris speaks about is the one that is man-made right here on earth. The way we handle day-to-day events determines if we live in peace or in hell…

One woman’s triumph over her struggle and finding glory in a relationship with God. It was about twelve years ago when Taedra Morris started losing her hair. She became depressed but hid it well under wigs and weaves, while deep inside she was dying from the fear of being who she really is without hair. Every day was a struggle for her but she finally accepted her hair loss and recently shaved all of what was left of her hair. God gave Taedra peace and with His help and writing this book she is sharing and celebrating her story of confidence, triumph, and victory over baldness, in hopes of inspiring others, especially women, to do the same. You might be reading this and think…but I’m not losing my hair, this doesn’t apply to me. Well, ask yourself a question. Is there anything about you that you hide from others? Maybe it’s something that you feel more comfortable keeping to yourself, rather than sharing it with the world. That something you are holding onto just may be someone’s blessing if you learn to embrace it and release it. She was putting herself in Hell worried about her hair; she never realized the intense heat because she always had air conditioning… Where are you?



Mental Health Session Presenter ~ Dr. Poonam Soni, MD practices adult psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry and forensic psychiatry.Dr. Poonam Soni was the first graduate of the Triple Board Program at the University of Utah in 1991.  She trained in both psychiatry and pediatrics, and is board-certified in Adult Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and Forensic Psychiatry.  She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and the medical director at Artec West, an adolescent treatment unit in the community mental health system.  She also consults with the prison, has experience in research, and has done consult-liaison work at both Shriners Hospital and Primary Children’s Medical Center in the past.

Mental Session Description:

“A Sound Mind – Your Mind Believes Whatever You Tell It To Believe”

This is an interactive session that will encourage us to stop talking about what we hope to do one day; and JUST DO IT!! Whatever IT is! Creativity for ideas and success all begin in our minds, and the more we ponder the good things about us the more equipped we are to go after what we really want in LIFE!! This session will focus on clarity of mind for women and using techniques to eliminate stress, anxiety, and depression as we boldly embrace our strength; ponder on the wonderful things we’ve done; then eagerly own the next chapter of our lives. Whatever it may bring!


Physical Health Session Presenter ~ Dr. Eloise Skelton, MD
practices obstetrics & gynecology is an OBGYN specialist. She trained at Howard Medical School. She is a world traveler who has included Utah in those travels. While living in Utah she practiced in West Valley and has sung with the Utah Chorale, St. John The Baptist Roman Catholic Church Choir and accepted every invitation she could get to sing with the Calvary Baptist Church. She recently returned from a month of study in New Delhi India.

Physical Session Description:

“Can You Hear Me? Are We Listening To Our Bodies?”

If you are struggling to get into a fitness rhythm, lose weight or have weight-related health issues, this session is for you. The session will cover what it means to eat clean and the benefits of this lifestyle; the importance of tapping into a community of people that have similar weight loss and fitness goals; the real cost of being overweight; changing your body and changing your life; exercise and choosing what works for you; ditching the excuses and embracing the power within you; staying on track; the simple science of weight loss; ignoring haters; and the relevance of changing habits and behavior.



Spiritual Health Session Presenter ~ Minister Violet L. Machado

Violet Machado is originally from Houston, Texas and currently resides in Saugerties, New York with her husband Luis and mother Ida Childress.  She has been a licensed minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for 2 ½ years, serves as worship leader, Sunday school teacher and the Minister of Christian Education at the Riverview Missionary Baptist Church in Kingston, New York where she has been a member for 24 years.

 Minister Machado would like you to know, “I love learning the Word of God, helping others understand where we fit into His divine plan, and doing my best to live out the principles of His Word in my daily life.”

Spiritual Session Description:

“Be The Example The World Needs to See; You Are Who He Says You Are.”

Many of us have years and layers of lies, pain, insecurities, and fears that seem to have nearly choked the life out of us. Our spirit is crying out to us for freedom. Situations in our life keep telling us it’s time for a change. This session will explore the critical gift of godly feminine wisdom and the qualities that set apart such wisdom from its counterfeits. Attention will be given to practical ways in which feminine wisdom grounds and enriches our lives as women together in the Body of Christ.